Digital Tek Services Corp. is dedicated to providing digital 3D, and 4D services to the construction industry.

We are an experienced team that works throughout Chicago and nationwide to provide high quality digital services to clients. Whether you are looking for 3D Data Prep Modeling, Laser Scanning imagery,Bim Modeling, Quantity Takeoff's or Virtual collaborative solutions our crews are ready to provide you with high quality work with an unwavering commitment to demanding deadlines and efficient budgetary restraints.

About Us

Why Choose Us?

Our Philosophy is to ensure our clients' satisfaction

We achieve a high standard of product output through defining and understanding our clients' expectations. We work with your team to ensure that yours needs are fully understood, which translates into a relationship that we are proud of.

Please give us a call or drop us an email letting us know your interest. We will provide our unwavering commitment to your success. We will provide you the backbone that drives today and tomorrow's technologies.

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Our Work Team

Industry Veterans

A professional team delivering professional results.

Our team of industry veterans combines many years of experience in both the field, and office environments.

Through these prerequisites we are able to obtain individuals with the utmost ability to perform in such a specialized environment.

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